K-NINE Healthy chews 
are a bew breed of 100% Natural chews made of cheese without lactose, low fat and gluten free. An healthier and safer product for dogs to chew on.
K-NINE is made from milk protein.
If you are a pet food distributor we understand that you may have a lot on your hands.
Too much investment in stock, not enough place on the warehouse, and the assle of having to distribute another product... even a great product like            K-NINE Healthy chews.
Oh No!
We have decided do give you a hand. 
No stock, no forward investment, no distribution!
We stock and distribute for you!
Just send us the order and where to deliver and in 2 to 5 days K-NINE order will be in the store of your client, anywhere in Europe!
What is the K-NINE Store Initiator Pack?
So your clientes  can try how good K-NINE sells we have put together a 2 master pack with all our products (3 siizes for flavors=12 SRP boxes in t2 master Carton) for you their test.
2 small Cheese & Chicken boxes
2 small Cheese & Beef boxes
2 small Cheese & Chorizo boxes
2 small Cheese & Ham boxes
1 medium Cheese & Chicken box
1 medium Cheese & Beef box
1 medium Cheese & Chorizo box
1 medium Cheese & Ham box
1 Large Cheese & Chicken box
1 Large Cheese & Beef box
1 Large Cheese & Chorizo box
1 Large Cheese & Ham box
If you want to learn more about it please just call +351 93 8000 800



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