Frequently asked questions

What are the ingredients of Plutos Healthy Chews?

  • Human grade lactose free milk protein
  • Water: The very best Madeira Island water
  • Preservatives and antioxidants: Vitamin E
  • Natural Ingredients​​
  • Emulsifier
  • CHICKEN: Chicken liver
  • BEEF: yeast extracts
  • CHORIZO: yeast extracts
  • SALMON oil enhancer
  • PORK HAM: yeast extracts
Colorants: anato, beetroot, cochonilha, licopeno (no artificial colorants)

What is the story behind the name Plutos?

Plutos is a mystical name, it represents a fun loving dog that enjoys live and his friends.

Why the product may look like its plastics?

Plutos are 100% cheese. We can classify the type as a "Firm sound rind" type pf cheese. That means that the external surface of the cheese is firm and thick consistent with the size of the cheese; is not easily dented or damaged; is dry, smooth and closely knit to protect the interior quality from external defects; and is externally free from checks, cracks, breaks or soft spots. The shiny effect is basically protection. It is a very thin layer of the outside skin that gets shiny with the type of drying we use - air effect. With age, sometimes loses it.

How is the product hypoallergenic?

Hypoallergenic is the characteristic of provoking fewer allergic reactions in allergy sufferers. We choose our products very carefully and from the best suppliers. Our partners always ensure us that their products are safe and Hypoallergenic.

Where are the natural ingredients sourced from?

All natural ingredientes are sourced from European companies with a proven record of good manufacturing practices.

What kind of fat is used?

Depending on the markets and clientes we apply either certified pork fat or extra virgin oil.

What certifications does Plutos have?

PLUTOS is HACCP certified with a ISO 9001 in progress

Why don’t we use plastic even on our packaging?

Because we want to have a cleaner world for our puppies and families


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