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PETMECH LLC a leading American pet food testing company 

graded PLUTOS Digestibility as "EXCELLENT"!

Safety first!

One of the most important aspects of this new breed of chews is safety. Unlike the majority of the existing chews in the market, PLUTOS chews were especially designed not to splinter allowing dogs to chew and, at the same time, enjoy what they are chewing until the end.  PLUTOS are hard enough to be enjoyed as a chew but gets sufficiently soft with saliva and biting action to be safely chewed by different dog ages and sizes, preventing teeth from breaking, choke hazard or stomach/intestine blockages. 

Cleaning the dental plaque
Our products contain casein, a milk protein, which has an antibacterial effect that neutralizes cavities and bacteria, prevents this way the formation of plaque on the teeth and eliminates bad breath.


At the same time we were able to designed a chew that is easily digestible because of the way they are chewed. This is a very important feature because  large chunks of hard indigestible chews may cause stomach or intestine blockage that, most probably, will need to lead to an expensive veterinary intervention or, at least, will be very hard and painful to expel from the organism. 


All the dyes used are 100% natural. We use dyes like beets and carrots. We can, however, produce PLUTOS with the natural white or cheddar cheese  color.


Small, Medium and Large

PLUTOS Healthy are available in 3 sizes


S= 9 cm

M= 9,5 cm

L= 14,3 cm

and 4 flavors: Chicken, Chorizo, Beef and Pork Ham



Available packaging

SRP: Shelf ready packaging

 All PLUTOS chews in bulk boxes are labelled individually.

S box=36 chews

 M box=20 chews

   L box=15 chews  

PLUTOS chorizo
PLUTOS chicken